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I ordered a brand new Yaesu DR-2X for $900.  The discount price at Ham Radio Outlet is $1,695.  We get the special price because we are considered a “Club”.  Yaesu has approved the order.  This is a latest technology machine and should provide at least the 30 or more years of service that our previous machine has provided.  Our old machine has been repaired and is in service and will take its place in the radio facility as the backup machine when the new one is placed into service.

Yaesu DR-2X Description and Features

We are very excited to be offering Club Days on the first and third Saturday of each month from 10am until 1pm at Fire Station 1 in downtown Culver City.  This is an excellent way to learn and become proficient on the station equipment and many other things that have to do with CCARES like programing radios.  If you have not yet been to our Radio Room, the “talk-in” procedure is to use our repeater, K6CCR-R, on 445.6, -5MHz offset, CTCSS code 131.8. If you do not have a radio, please call the EOC Radio Room at (310) 253-6848 for access instructions.  We hope to see you at one soon!

Steve Herbert, K6CRW, and I installed two AREDN radio nodes at Southern California Hospital a of Culver City, formerly known as Brotman.  The two radios are serving as the central backbone for our network!

If you need assistance or advice on what to purchase for your AREDN node, please contact Steve Herbert or me.

If you have not yet acquired a Winlink account, please do so.  For instructions on how to do this, click here.

If you have ideas or suggestions about what content you would like to see or something which you believe would be helpful please send that information to info@ccares.net

Kevin Sherwood, AJ7C
President, Culver City ARES (CCARES)