Welcome to our web site!

Thank you for visiting the web home of Culver City ARES (CCARES)!  In our effort to bring you up-to-date content this site will be by its very nature a work in progress.  I first would like to thank all who have worked to keep CCARES up-to-date on the web until now and, most lately, Sebastian, K6SEB, for his current efforts.

We are very excited to be offering Club Days on the first and third Saturday of each month from 10am until 1pm at Fire Station 1 in downtown Culver City.  This is an excellent way to learn and become proficient on the station equipment and many other things that have to do with CCARES.  Another special thanks to our Board Member at Large, Steve, K6CRW, for his continuing efforts with Club Day.  I hope to see you at one soon!

One of the first things that is recommended for CCARES members is to download, install, and configure your user client for the Winlink system which is, for Windows, RMS Express.  A tutorial can be found in the “CCARES 101” section of this site.

Also, Field Day 2016 is rapidly approaching.  All CCARES members should make every effort to participate in some way.  Take a look at the “Field Day 2016” page under the “CCARES 101” tab to get current and pertinent information about our Field Day plans for this year.

If you have ideas or suggestions about what content you would like to see or something which you believe would be helpful please send that information to info@ccares.net

Kevin Sherwood, KF7EE
President, Culver City ARES (CCARES)