By-Laws Article V


Section 1. An ad hoc nominating committee consisting of three Active members appointed by the President shall recruit candidates for all officer positions. No nominating committee member may be a candidate for office. The nominating committee shall present its proposed slate at a November meeting of the Board. The proposed slate shall be presented at a general membership meeting to take place in December. In addition, nominations may be made from the floor and voting will take place.

Section 2. The nominating committee may accept written proxy votes up to midnight of the day before the December meeting.

Section 3.4. If there is but one nominee for any position, election for that position may be held by voice vote.

Section 4. Upon election, the members of the Board of Directors shall assume their new responsibilities as of January 1 of the following year. The elected candidates will serve a 2-year term.

Section 5. Upon the death or resignation of any member of the Board of Directors, such vacancies shall be filled by appointment of the remaining members of the Board of Directors until the next regularly scheduled election.