Shakeout Drill 2017 – Incident Communications Plan

WL2K ICS205-Shakeout Drill 2017

Incident Communications Plan


Incident Name: Shakeout Drill 2017

Operational Period: From: 2017-10-19 18:30   /   To: 2017-10-19 21:00

EOC Commander: Doug Smith, KJ6-OGX

What follows is our plan for Comm methods which were discussed at the last Club Day:

Each of the incidents will be assigned a discrete simplex frequency by the EOC Comm Commander.  They will start with our coordinated District Simplex frequencies and, if additional frequencies are needed, will choose from available alternates. They will also assign the Callsign series to be used by the teams assigned to each incident (100 series, 200 series, 300 series, etc.).

The Comm officer at each incident command location would then issue the callsigns as each team is constituted (team 101, team 201, etc.). Each team will keep that callsign, even if they should change function, until the team is re-deployed. Each team, while active, appends their function to their callsign while communicating (“team 103 search”, “team 305 rescue”, etc.). If their function should change, they keep the same callsign but just change the function appended (“team 103 rescue”).

In this methodology, there will be no callsign conflicts throughout the entire operation and should transpose when employed in a fully-active disaster.



Approved by: Kevin Sherwood, AJ7C Date & Time: 2017-10-12/1623